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So, What Is Willie Lill's?

There is a tremendous story behind the man and the legend of Willie Lill. In the early 1800s, a gentleman named William Lill became well-known in the distilling & brewing industry. After feeling he would have more opportunities to share his talents in a bigger city, he took it upon himself to journey northward. He chose to walk the 300+ miles from Louisville to Chicago, where he opened a distillery and brewery.He opened these new businesses with another famous name from Chicagoland  – Michael Diversey. As a tip-of-the-hat to this brave soul, we bring you Willie Lill’s.

Amenities of Willie Lill's

When you walk through the door at Willie Lill’s, you’ll be immediately surrounded by true Southern charm.  From the rustic country decor inside to our open-air patio, to our Southern-style fried from our secret family recipe, you’ll see we’ve embraced our Southern roots.  Come experience what Willie Lill’s has to offer!

• Specialty Cocktails
• Authentic Southern-Inspired Menu
• 20+ TVs

Whether watching sports, hosting a special event, or just enjoying a meal of delicious Southern influence, you are always among friends at Willie Lill’s.  Come visit us today!

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Upcoming Events

Willi Lill's Monday Specials
Team Trivia on Thursdays at Willi Lil's
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