Our Grand Opening will be April 28th & 29th

Welcome to the home of Willie Lill’s! This fantastic sports bar is a bit of a living legend. There is a tremendous story behind the man and the legend of Willie Lill’s. Back in the early part of the 1800s, a gentleman named William Lill’s became well-known in the distilling & brewing industry. After feeling he would have more opportunity to share his talents in a bigger city, he took it upon himself to journey northward. He chose to walk the 300+ miles from Louisville, KY to Chicago where he opened a distillery & brewery. This brewery was opened with another famous name in Chicagoland – Michael Diversey. As a tip-of-the-hat to this brave soul, we bring you Willie Lill’s.

Are you looking for a place to enjoy the latest game with a bit of a Southern Country Rock vibe? Then welcome home! Our doors should be open in Spring of 2023. So, once we are open, stop by and check out the setup, say hello, and make a few new friends.